Studiocomix presents: Dark Blood

Studiocomix Presents:
Dark Blood

Printed and Edited by: Studiocomix 
Rated: G Horror - Terror
Mini Series

Father Buck is a friar that has lived all his life in the darkness fighting a double identity that only faith can control, now, father buck has to fight his destiny...... his own faith will be put to test when a presence from the past comes back for revenge.

An amazing fictional / horror / terror story that will keep you in suspense while the characters and the story gets deep in the world of the dark blood. 

Written by:
Alfonso Espinos & Jose Luis Gonzalez

Illustrated by:

Jose Luis Gonzalez

Adaptation by:
Alfonso Espinos


 Titles in this Series

Dark Blood #1  

Alfonso Espinos & Jose Luis Gonzalez

Cover Price:
  CAD $3.75
16 pages / Color covers / English
Horror - Terror / G

Get to know the amazing origin of father buck a friar that has to fight his own destiny, but did he will be able to fight his own inner demons?